Introduction: 8 Mm LED on AC

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Intro :-

This is a very simple and easy to make all-purpose LED light. It runs on AC and gives a very bright light.

You can use 12 to 24 White, extra bright LED’s of 8mm-30mA with this circuit.

My friend qs helped me with the design of this circuit. I specially thank him for his help.

Step 1: Part List..

One Non polar condenser 0.33uF / 400 volts or more.

Four 1N4007 Diodes for Bridge rectifier.

One Condenser 100uF to 250uF- 50 volts or more.

One Resistance 1K-1Watt.

12 or up to 24 Bright White LED’s of 8mm – 30mA.

Wire solder etc……..

Step 2: Construction..

Here I have used a CD plastic box and an old CD to mount the12 LED’s.

I used the round pointed tip of my Soldering Iron to punch holes on the CD to fix the LED’s.

The parts of the Circuit go on a flat plastic sheet, placed under the CD.

Step 3: The Circuit..

Solder the parts of the circuit on a plastic sheet such as
an old ATM Bank card as shown in the diagram.

Take care to place a non-conductive sheet between the

LED and the circuit, to avoid short circuit.

Step 4: Enjoy

Plug in to the 220 volts AC Mains and Enjoy…………

Step 5: