Introduction: 8*8 LED Madrix Using Arduino

8*8 LED matrix is one of the best display module. It is super easy to use and you can join multiple modules to make a big screen. You can display any text, images, videos and you can make games. In this article, we are going to display some scrolling text on it using Arduino UNO.

Step 1: Material Requires

Arduiono uno * 1

8*8 dot matrix * 1

Jumper wires

Step 2: Connection


CLK --------- SCK (PIN 13)

CS --------- CS (PIN 9)

DIN --------- MOSI (PIN 11)

GND --------- GND

VCC --------- 5V

Step 3: Install Library

  • Open your Arduino software if you don't have software click here.
  • Go to sketch > include library > manage library

Step 4: LEDMatrixDriver Install

in search option type LEDMatrixDriver and install latest version.

Step 5: Upload Code

Cope and upload the code on your Arduino UNO.

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