Introduction: 9 Surprising Beauty Secrets

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I am a DIY girl through and through, which filters into my beauty routine as well. Everyone loves a good pampering, but we can't always get to the spa/salon on a regular basis. I'm here to open up your cupboards and show you the beauty products and tricks hiding in plain sight! Some of these may seem a little strange...okay very strange, but they really WORK! And why break the bank, when you can pamper yourself right at home with pennies and a little imagination? Let's get started!


Here is everything you'll need for this 9 step, home Spa day!

Luscious Berry Lip stain

Beach Hair, DO Care

Cocoa Powder Dry Shampoo

Marshmallow Under Eye Cold Pads

Custom Mermaid Nail Polish

Shimmer Body Lotion

  • Eye-shadow ( stick to light neutral colors)
  • Your favorite lotion
  • Plastic baggie
  • Butter knife
  • Scissors

Banana Peel Whitening Strips

  • Peel of 1 ripe banana
  • Scissors

Liquid Pantyhose

Fanned Make Up Brush

Step 1: Luscious Berry Lipstain

I love a good Lip-stain! And this homemade version comes very close to my beauty store favorites. It leaves a rich long lasting color and effect, giving you that wine kissed summer look. Let's get started!

You Will Need

              How to Make

            1. Be sure to wear gloves as this can get very messy
            2. Pour about 2 tbs of face mask into a small bowl
            3. Add the juice of a bout 4 black berries (don't worry if a couple seeds make it in)
            4. Add 10 drops of red food coloring (I've also tried pink and it works well for a lighter stain)
            5. Mix together with your lip brush
            6. Use very soon, as the mask will begin to set right away (this recipe is for one time use)

            How To Apply

            1. Carefully apply the lip stain to your lips
            2. Be careful not to close or purse your lips fully
            3. Let dry with lips parted for 5 minutes
            4. Gently remove
            5. Enjoy 24 hours of gorgeous kissable lip color that won't rub off!

            Step 2: Beach Hair, DO Care

            Longing for those messy, effortless beachy locks? You can actually style your beach hair look, while protecting our oceans, with this up-cycled beauty trick!

            You Will Need

            Water Bottle Diffuser

            1. Cut the top and bottom off a used water bottle
            2. Fit the bottom of the bottle onto your blow dryer

            Sea Salt Texturing Spray

            1. Mix 1 cup of water with 1 tbs of salt in a spray bottle. I prefer glass bottles, but plastic works fine.
            2. Dampen dry brushed hair, from root to tip
            3. Twist a sectioned piece around your fingers ( I do 8 pieces total)
            4. Feed the twisted hair into a loose pile in you water bottle diffuser
            5. Set your hair dryer on LOW heat (high could potentially melt the bottle) SAFETY FIRST
            6. Hold dryer close to your scalp, but not close enough for the heat to irritate your skin.
            7. Let curl set for about 1 minute each
            8. Gently release curl
            9. Repeat until all hair is curled ( I do 8 sections)
            10. Remember, you want messy not perfect
            11. Once all curled, work your fingers through your hair
            12. Enjoy you gorgeous Beach Hair!

            Step 3: Cocoa Powder Dry Shampoo

            Dry shampoo is all the rage, and why not? It's a lifesaver! However, did you know that you can create your very own dry shampoo right at home? You probably have this awesome dry shampoo alternative sitting in your pantry right now!

            This tutorial features 3 easy shades!
            For blonde hair, all you need is baby powder alone. Medium and red shades, need a 1 to 1 ratio mix, of baby powder and cocoa powder. (I generally do 1/3 cup of each) And dark to black hair needs cocoa powder alone.

            You Will Need


            1. Using an application brush, work the powder through your roots, and along your hairline.
            2. Work the powder through your hair with your fingertips, and you're done!

            The powder will soak up any access oil, while reviving your hair with
            some volume. Dry shampoo is great in between washings, and this non- aerosol version is much gentler on your hair than store-bought versions.

            Step 4: Marshmallow Under Eye Cold Pads

            Puffy tired/allergy eyes getting you down? Under eye cold pads can work wonders, but when you can't make it to the beauty store, check your pantry for these "sweet" alternatives, get it? "SWEET"

            You Will Need


            1. With your fingers, flatten 2 medium marshmallows into an oval shape.
            2. Using a spoon, cut the mallows into a crescent shape.
            3. Freeze overnight.
            4. Remove from freezer, and dampen one side with a drop of water. When the mallow gets a little tacky, adhere to your under eye.
            5. Repeat on other side
            6. They stick very well, so you can go about your day if you like, but I prefer to lie down.
            7. Serve up some marshmallow realness!

            The frozen mallows gently take away any swelling as they slowly thaw. Within
            20 minutes my puffiness is completely gone. And if you have sensitive skin, the natural sugar adhesive is about as gentle as it gets.

            Step 5: Custom Mermaid Nail Polish

            Broken shimmery eye-shadow? First try repairing it with a product like Moon Mousse But if it end's up being a lost cause, don't throw it out! Simply add it to clear nail polish, and give your nails a custom look for summer.

            You Will Need


            1. Using a butter knife, loosen about 2 tsp of eye-shadow.
            2. Pour eye-shadow into plastic baggie
            3. Tie closed the top of the baggie
            4. Snip off a corner of the bottom of the baggie, creating a small hole
            5. Gently pour the powder into your clear polish
            6. Close up your polish, and shake well
            7. Enjoy your custom polish!

            Step 6: Shimmer Body Lotion

            Again, broken eye-shadow is the star of this fun beauty secret. Shimmer lotions are a great way to give just a hint of sparkle, so let's up-cycle our way to that summer glow.

            You Will Need

            • Eye-shadow ( stick to light neutral colors)
            • Your favorite lotion
            • Plastic baggie
            • Butter knife
            • Scissors


            1. Using a butter knife, loosen about 2 tsp of eye-shadow.
            2. Pour eye-shadow into plastic baggie
            3. Tie closed the top of the baggie
            4. Snip off a corner of the bottom of the baggie, creating a small hole
            5. Pour powder into lotion bottle.
            6. Shake well
            7. Enjoy your hint of sparkle!

            Step 7: Banana Peel Whitening Strips

            I used to whiten my teeth using bleaching strips, but my sensitive teeth started aching terribly, and I had to stop. I love a bright white smile though, and knew I needed to find an alternative. Through much research and trial and error, I've discovered that banana peels offer a miraculous whitening effect, AND they are kind and gentle to your teeth and gums.

            You Will Need

            • Peel of one ripe banana
            • Scissors


            1. Cut out 2 small rectangular shapes from the peel
            2. You want them to be able to be folded onto your teeth, similarly to whitening strips.
            3. Place one on your bottom teeth
            4. Fold down and pull you bottom lip up around your teeth to keep it in place.
            5. Do the same with the top
            6. Remember white side in
            7. You may look a bit silly, but I promise it's worth it!
            8. Keep in your mouth for at least 15 minutes
            9. Before removing, rub them all over you teeth
            10. Brush like normal, and prepare to be amazed.
            11. Smile on!

            Step 8: Liquid Pantyhose

            Super pale legs got you down? Don't shy away from those cute summer dresses! Try this easy beauty trick!

            You Will Need

            Long-wear helps avoid transfer to your clothing, but regular foundation works as well.


            1. Using a 1 to 1 ratio, mix together lotion and foundation.
            2. Use right away
            3. Apply to legs like regular lotion
            4. Let dry (about 15 minutes)
            5. Enjoy your new tan!


            Best worn with shorts, skirts and dresses. Although this method does not rub off easily, it can transfer to jeans or tight pants. Washes off with soap and water.

            Step 9: Fanned Make Up Brush

            Contouring is all the rage, and fanned/flat makeup brushes for perfect application are key. But if you can't make it to the beauty supply store, try modifying your regular makeup brush instead!

            You Will Need


            1. Fan out your brush to the desired width.
            2. Fasten both ends with a bobby pin, meeting and crossing in the middle.
            3. Get the perfect contour line and Blend Blend Blend!

            Step 10: Enjoy!

            I hope you enjoyed these tips as much as I have enjoyed sharing them! Please vote for me in the Beauty Tips Contest! And while your there, check out all the other incredible tips! Keep on creating makers, and look fabulous while you make!

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