Introduction: 9 Places to Hide Money

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I will show you 9 places to hide money really wisely!

Step 1: Frame

Get a picture with a frame and open the back side. Then put the money in and close it again. Quite simple but very handy because you can hide a lot of money and people will even be looking at it but won't see it!

Step 2: Pen or Lantern

Open the pen or lantern and roll the paper money into it as shown in the picture. Then close it again. I like this one because you can take it anywhere and no one will notice. So it's quite handy.

Step 3: Shoe

Lift the insole of the shoe and save all the money you want there. I don't think no one will want to touch my smelly shoes so perfect place for me!

Step 4: Double Base

Draw the identical shape of the base of your box in paper and cut it. Then place the money in the box and place the paper on top to make a double base.

In this one the good thing is you can hide a lot of money at the same time and no one will notice even if they take the pens out!

Step 5: Card Box

Get a box of cards open the deck somewhere through the middle and place the money. Then close the deck and then the box.

Step 6: Pillow or Teddy Bear

Get a pillow or ready bear with a zip and insert the money there. Pretty cute to hide emergency money even in large quantities . For the pillow I won't suggest to get one you use a lot maybe one that is much more for decoration.

Step 7: Notice Board or Poaster

Get a paper and either stick the money to the back with another paper to create a secret wallet putting glue just in the sides of the paper and sticking with the money inside or get the pin and pin it to the back of the paper as in the picture.

Step 8: Batteries or Remote

Open the case of any place were there are batteries for example clock, remote, any toy, etc.
Then insert the money as shown in the pic and close the case. Don't think no one will think of this one and they will have it just in there hands!!

Step 9: Book

Get a book were the last two pages are blank. Then get the money and put in the back cover then get the next page and put glue all round the edges and stick it to the back cover to create a secret wallet!!! You can take it any where and have hidden money for emergencies.
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