Introduction: Plant Feelings

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Don't know if your plant needs water?

This little tool will help you know if your plant wants water or not. When you stick the sensor into the soil the leds will show you if it needs water, if it sas enough or if it has too much.

red led -> dry plant

green led -> perfect

blue led -> too much water

Step 1: Circuit

In the image above you can see the components and the circuit you need to build. I used a battery of 9V but you can use any just make sure its not too much energy. I also used an arduino nano because if not the arduino uno wouldn't fit in the box.

Step 2: Arduino

The code below shows the code for arduino :

void setup() {



pinMode(10,OUTPUT); }

void loop() {

int hum = analogRead(A3);

Serial.println(hum); delay(100);

if(hum <=500){ digitalWrite(13,HIGH); }

else{ digitalWrite(13,LOW);}

if(hum >500 && hum < 850 ){ digitalWrite(10,HIGH); }

else{ digitalWrite(10,LOW);}

if(hum >=850){ digitalWrite(12,HIGH); }

else{ digitalWrite(12,LOW);} }

Step 3: 3d Print

I printed the box with my 3D printer but you can also make your own with cardboard or a normal box. Here i have attached the file for 3D printing.

Step 4: End

Then you just have to put everything together and you have finished.Don't know if your plant needs water?

well now you know.


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