Introduction: 9ft Tall Pumkin Man

I want to show you how to make a decoration that is big enough to be a centerpiece in your display or a just a another decoration. he is 9ft tall and is quite spooky at night and very intimidating when you get close to him

he is very simple. so you could add alot to him this was my first instructable and first home made decoration

on a personal note to you. I'm sorry there aren't alot of pictures I didn't have a lot of time with this project. I'll see if I can post some later

Step 1: Getting Supplies and Tools

the supplies I used were
1- 10ft 1 1/2" pvc tube
2- 10ft 1 1/4" pvc tube
2- 3ft 1/2" pvc tube
1- 1 1/2" 4 way fitting
4- 1 1/2" 90° elbows
4- 1 1/2" t style fittings
3- 1 1/2" to 1 1/4" adapters
2- 1 1/4" to 1/2" threaded adapters
2- 1 1/4" 4 way fittings
6- 1 1/4" 45° fittings
2- 1/2" 45° fittings

1- 9ft extension cord
2- trick or treat pumkin bales
1- light up plastic carved pumkin (you can use what ever head you want)
1- 100 light strand of orange lights
1- fog machine
4- short screws
10- metal clothes hangers
20- zip ties
10 yards- of black fabric
1 10w rgb floodlight (optional)

tools you will need

sewing machine
tape measure
table saw
electrical tape
black thread

Step 2: Making the Base of the Body

first thing we need is a base

I wanted it to be very sturdy because of the high winds we have here so I made a design that gave the center pole good support on all four sides

first grab your 10 ft long 1 1/2" pvc tube and mark it every 12" and cut them

next take 1 of your 4 1 1/2" t style fittings and put the cut tubing is each hole

then take a four way and out tubing in each hole except one

then put ur 90° elbows on two of the tubes and connect two more tubes to those

now put the other 3 of your 4 1 1/ 2" t style fittings and connect the two halfs(the two outer should be at an angle towards the center pole the middle should go straight up)

now take your 3 1 1/2" to 1 1/4" adapters and put then in your t fittings

now take one of your 1 1/4" pvc tubing and measure 1 1/2" to 2" and cut out two of those. then do to the fact that some people might end up differently. this is very important. take a 1 1/4" four way and put you two short cuts on each side and connect your 45° elbows to them. hold the four way over the center hole in the base and make it the right hight to were all three poles will fit. it isn't easy maybe get someone to help you but this step is very important because it provides alot of support for the center pole

Step 3: Arms and Head

now that we have are base and center pole. we need a face and some arms

I got my face from party city it's a plastic precut pumpkin head that has a little light in it. you can use what ever head you want but the pumkin fits the theme of the hole build.

to mount the head to the center pole I put one of my 1 1/4" 4 way fittings on the bottom of the pumpkin and cut out a hole big enough for the head to fit tight then cut a little slot to run the cable for the light through the head and out the bottom so it didn't stick out the back of the head

next for the arms again I wish I could help more but somethings are personal preference had someone help me with this step so I had a second opinion. take some tubing and make your shoulders they shouldn't be to wide. then put 2 of your 45° fittings on the ends. then take another 45° fitting and kind of eyeball were you want his elbow to be then measure it and cut it the measure hole low you want his hand. then cut it. repeat for the other arm

now you are getting there

Step 4: Making the Hands

this part is personal preference but I made mine with 1/2" pvc tubing cut at different angles to form 3 fingers

the picture above shows my layout for the hand

first tape up all I'm ends so no fog comes out where you don't want it to

then I drilled a hole through one side of the middle finger.

then screw your two pumpkins to the hand and drill a hole in the center to fall over the hole on the pvc tube

on the center tube connect the 1/2" 45° fitting then cut a small piece and connect your 1/2" threaded fitting to that

now screw your hand on to the arm

Step 5: Power and Lights

now we have to light up the two smaller pumpkins I only had one strand of lights to work with so If you want you can do two separate strands for each pumkin. I'm sticking with one cause I kind of like the way it lights up the cloak
also my lights had a twinkle to them so it looks like a flame in the pumkins
I ran and extension cord from the plug for the head to the bottom then I ran another extension cord from that one to the right right pumpkin. zip tied all the wires down. then I ran my string lights from one pumpkin yo the next be sure to leave a bit behind in the right pumpkin so it will light up both evenly. zip tie the lights where nessesary

Step 6: The Cloak

now the hardest step personally was making the cloak for him (simply because I'm only 5 11)

I went to walmart and bought black fabric 3ft wide by 30ft ( later to find out that wasn't enough) (I recommend 35ft just incase)

I took the pumpkin head off and draped the fabric over him. bringing one end to the floor and then letting a foot extra to cover the base. then measure the same in the front and cut it. then cut out the hole for the neck and reattach the head it was getting close to my deadline so I SAFTEY pinned every couple of feet just to keep it from going crazy in the winds but you should sew it

as for the arms I took what I had left and cut it in half and draped that over each arm and safety pinned that but like before you should sew it for more security

Step 7: The Last Step

well now comes the part that bummed me out a little. but we will get to that in just a minute.

first. move him to were you want him in your front yard or haunted house. my location was in my yard inform of tombstones. when I put him down he started to fall so I had to run and make stakes out of clothes hangers. and I out four in the back four in the front and two on each side. then I put a piece of rope from the top of the center pole to the base pulling it tight to were he was straight and he's been standing strong sence.

next. the fog machine (optional) my original plan was to use hosing to keep the fog machine on the porch but the flow wasn't big enough so I scratched the hose and put a piece of 1 1/4" tubing about 2 feet long in the pot on the back and set it 2" in front of the fog machine and when I hit the fog it only came out of his head do to the fact of that it's a open hole so if you wanted the arms to work make a restrictor plate to slow the flow in the head and force it through the arms I would have but once again didn't have time do to the deadline.

I hope you enjoyed this it's a fun spooky prop that isn't too expensive.
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