Introduction: A Better BIC

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These lighters are a sturdy classic, but what if we could improve it?

By recycling an empty lighter, a new BIC can be made tough against wind!

Step 1: Gather and Scavenge

You'll need:

  • New Lighter (I used BIC brand from Dollar General)
  • Empty Lighter
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers

Start by removing the safety clip and metal shield from the empty lighter

Carefully remove the striker wheel and catch the flint and flint spring (it's under pressure)

Save the spring, the rest can be used for other projects

Step 2:

I removed the safety guard, but it's not necessary for this lighter.

Take the spring and pull it apart in the middle

Cut the spring in the middle, so you're left with a coil with a little tail

Wire the coil inside the metal guard of the lighter, through the vent holes

Keep winding the wire around the vent holes, as to secure the coil in place

The coil should stick 1/8"th or 1/4"th above the metal guard, and be quite sturdy to the touch

Step 3: Finished!

After the coil has been winded into place, It's time to test the finished project.

Strike up the lighter and watch the flame glow

Consult the label on the box, and never keep lit for more than 30 consecutive seconds

If you liked it or found it intriguing, let me know, and pleasevote!

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