Introduction: A Better Xbox WiFi Antenna

I was very disappointed when i search all over the interwebs and all i found on hacking an xbox wifi adapter was stuff about useing a router or a computer as one, so i dove in and came up with this. enjoy.

Step 1: What You Need

this is my parts list, sorry i dont have pics of the individual parts but i kind of made it up as i went along
-xbox 360 wifi adapter(i used a g, but it should be a similar process for the n)
-pen tube
-new antenna(mine is from a broken psp 1001)
-electrical tape

Step 2: Cracking the Thing Open

pretty much all you do here is jam the screwdriver in and pry open. it does take some force so dont be scared

Step 3: Rigging the New Antenna

this was a pretty simple procedure all i did was run the wire thru the pen tube and the hole in the original antenna that i broke in half
i did have to widen the hole to fit the connector but that was easy to do with the knife on my multi tool

Step 4: Reassemble It Now

thats all thats left i added a little strip of tape to help it stay together but thats optional
unfortunately it cant make my crap internet any better, but now i can get it to my xbox again