Introduction: A Car Engine

Step 1: The Propellor

The propellor is used for getting cars started. When the car turns on, the propellor is the first thing that will happen. The propellant will spin around following by the rest of the engine. It is the main starter of the car. It is attached to the top bit of the engine. After the propellor spins, the top bit of the engine will flash.

Step 2: The Top Bit

The top bit of this engine is the main section of this engine. As I said earlier on, it comes straight after the propellor and flashes. The next bit to go is the bottom bit. The bottom bit also flashes a little bit. It does not flash as much as the top bit, however it is much brighter then the top bit.

Step 3: The Bottom Bit

As I mentioned before, the bottom bit is straight after the top bit. It flashes but not as much as the top bit however it is brighter then the top bit. The bottom bit is the final bit to do its thing (in this case flashing). And that is the engine, but there is one more step to make this engine work when it is not in a car.

Step 4: The Remote

You are probably wondering how this engine works when it is not in a car. Well, there is a remote that when you press the button it works. Here is a video of what happens when you press the button.

Step 5: Credits

This engine was made by my brother, my uncle and I on a rainy day. The camera I used was the iPod touch 5 in blue. We made it a long time ago so not all of it still works but it once all did. ( I have to turn the propellor with my hands because it will no longer work)