Introduction: How to Play Clarinet

Step 1: Get a Clarinet

To play the clarinet you need to have a clarinet. You can either buy a clarinet or if you already have one than GOOD!!!!!!!! You also need a reed. The reed allows you to blow. Without a reed, the clarinet will not make a sound.

Step 2: Learning "A"

Learning the notes are simple. All you need to do is think of the alphabet, but in a different way. The highest note is A,which is at the top of your instrument.

Step 3: Learning "G"

G is probably the easiest note to learn. All you have to do is blow but not pushing down any notes.

Step 4: Learning "F"

F is also very easy. All you have to do is think of "f" for "fum"(although that is not how you spell thumb) and just put your thumb on the Back hole and blow.

Step 5: Learning "E"

All you have to do when you play e is add a step to f. You have to keep your thumb on the back and put your first finger on the first hole.

Step 6: Learning "D"

With d you just add a step to e. you keep all the fingers on for e and add your second finger to the middle hole.

Step 7: Learning"C"

With c you just a step to d. Keep all you fingers on and add you third finger.

Step 8: Other Notes

There are more notes to the clarinet but I just showed to the basic notes.