Introduction: A Connected Greenhouse for Easy and Productive Gardening

About: We believe that sustainable food production and security can be achieved in every backyard.

The myfood gardening system makes it possible to reclaim your food production in 4 simple steps. Once installed you will only need 20 minutes a day to produce all the vegetables you and your family eat in 24 square meters. We minimize upkeep by using automation and increase production by combining permaculture and aquaponics.

myfood is a gardening approach that is open source, organic and sustainable. Use this tutorial to build an myfood system for yourself or go to our site to get an out of the box solution that meets your needs. Follow this overall tutorial below to understand the complete system and see how our other two tutorials are used within it.

Step 1: Understand the System

myfood combines permaculture and aquaponics inside a connected greenhouse to create balanced garden, letting you return to the soil on your terms.

  • Permaculture replicates a forest environment in your garden to minimize upkeep and water use. Plants are paired so that they can work together to manage pests.
  • Aquaponics creates a synergy between plants and fish. Fish waste feeds the plants, which then filter the water for the fish. This allows you to grow vertically, optimizing space.
  • Adding a Greenhouse prologues your growing season making it possible to feed your family from your garden all year round.
  • Automation allows you to monitor this system via your smart phone or tablet. This decreases the maintenance of the aquaponics setup, making your garden upkeep easy.

Step 2: Mulch

Begin your myfood garden by adding a layer of Ramial Chipped Wood to traditional garden beds, which will activate your soil.

Step 3: Permaculture Bed

Now that you are familiar with basic permaculture, you can build raised beds. These will reduce water usage and create a self-sustaining system for your plants to live in. Follow our Permaculture Bed Tutorial to learn how to do this.

Step 4: Connected Greenhouse

Install a greenhouse around your permaculture beds, but remember to leave some extra space. You’ll use this for aquaponics when you are ready. Follow our Electronics Tutorial to learn how to monitor and connect your greenhouse to your smart phone or tablet.

Step 5: Aquaponics

Add ZipGrow towers and a fish tank to create the complete ownFood system. We recommend using an ACD greenhouse for your myFood system as they will soon provide an integrated support system and fish tank. Install the sensors from the electronics tutorial in the fish tank to complete your connected system.