Introduction: A Crate Called A-U

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The goal of this I’ble is to introduce the concept of a wooden crate as a form of furniture that is not only easily movable, but also able to carry the items it usually stores.

It's a wooden crate, which was cut in half horizontally, and re-attached together to form a full crate with the help of Velcro rings.

Step 1: Wall Mounted

The French cleat system is applied directly as the base of the crate, so each halves of the crate can be mounted to the wall as a standalone shelf.

When mounted to the wall, the base of the crate becomes the side of the shelf, and the side of the crate becomes the base of the shelf.

The lid becomes the connector between the two shelves, also provides an extra space.

Step 2: Clothes Line

The rods placed under the shelves can act as clothes lines by putting them in the rings of velcro, while the rods placed under the lid are sitting on the side gaps on each of the shelves.

Step 3: The Crate Now Acts As a Closet

When moving away, it can always be rearranged as a crate.

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