Introduction: The Eiyuu Crate: a Multifunctional Storage.

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Previously, I have shared this crate project here, though it was simply just showing the crate. In this i'ble, I will show you how I made the crate. You can download the skp file of the plan down there.

At first, I wanted to make a simple crate, inspired by those pins on pinterests. Then I realized that the crate could be divided into two stand alone shelves. So, by halving the crate, it actually could double the capacity of the storage. Then another question came up: can these two shelves be reassembled to become a whole crate again?

Then I learned how to use Sketchup, just a few basic steps were enough for me to design the crate in my mind. I wanted to only use one kind of lumber for my crate, so I adjusted the shorter parts of the side not using a whole lumber but the same kind of lumber with the longer parts.

The French Cleat system was applied to the base for easier wall mounting. The lid was a late but useful addition, we'll get to that.

This i'ble was made in a rush, but I hope it give you an alternative solution for a movable yet multi-functional storage.

Step 1: Cutting List and Materials

  1. Reclaimed pallet woods, we need to cut:
    • For the body
      • 8 pieces of 6,8 cm*54 cm*1,5 cm (part A, red)
      • 12 pieces of 6,8 cm*15 cm*1,5 cm (part B, yellow)
      • 2 pieces of 8,5 cm*54 cm*1,5 cm, for the French Cleat System on the base (part C)
      • 12 pieces of 1,5 cm*28 cm*1,5 cm for the connector, 27.9 cm on the picture, only a matter of gap (part D, green)
    • For the lid:
      • 3 pieces of 9 cm*54 cm*1,5 cm
      • 2 pieces of 1,5 cm*29 cm*1,5 cm
      • 2 pieces of 1,5 cm*20 cm*1,5 cm
  2. Wood glue.
  3. Screws, I used 2 cm and 2.5 cm GRC screws.
  4. Sanding papers, I used number 80-150-180.

Step 2: Prepare the Wood

Reclaimed pallet woods need more attention and preparation before they can be used. In my country Indonesia, it is not easy to obtain free reclaimed pallet woods. Those woods are currently a hot commodity here, so before people could ask the factory for free pallets, the broker came in first. I was lucky I got a friend who was one of the broker, so I could get the wood for a bargain price.

Look for any split on the wood, if it's tolerable then it can be used. Then cut them according to the cutting list.

After cutting the wood, sand it. I used number 80 sand paper first, than number 120.

Step 3: The Base

For the body, we take one part A and two part B.

Lay the part A, then put the part B vertically on each end of part A, and they will looked like a "U". (I know I kinda blabbered here, see the picture or the skp file for reference).

I used wood glue and strengthen it with screws, but you can apply any other methods of your preference.

We'll get six U-shaped part for the body. Take one of the u-shaped part, one of the A part, and the C part for putting the base together.

Step 4: One Shelf or a Half Crate?

Six part D are used to connect the base with two u-shaped part to become a half crate. Repeat the assembly, and get two half crates.

The gap is about 2.5 cm, the same as the width of the velcro's.

Step 5: The Lid and the Velcro System

For the lid, take the parts and join them like on the picture. I finished it by sanding with number 180 sand paper.

The velcro straps are from 2 meter of 1" width velcro. I cut them into 12 pairs of 15 cm, then I ask my friend to sew those velcro so it formed straps like those ankle velcro strap.

Again, you can see the videos on my previous post.

Step 6: Some Combinations

These are some combinations that can be applied to the crate, and it can always be a crate again. Thank you for reading this.

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