Introduction: A Cute Candy Bouquet for Your Loved One

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Candy bouquets are extremely popular nowadays, which is not surprising. They do not only look beautiful, but help create a festive and warm atmosphere in any place. Having seen such a bouquet in my friend’s house, I decided to try making it myself. At first, I thought that this would be a time-taking and complicated process that requires specific skills and knowledge. When I was making my first candy bouquet, however, I realized that it is not that difficult. You just have to follow the recommendations and instructions, but as soon as you make two or three bouquets, you will probably become a pro! Now, I offer you to try making the candy bouquet called “Snowdrops” together!

Step 1: Supplies

To start making the candy bouquet, you will need:

  • A large candy, tea or cookie box, the size of which should depend upon the size of the bouquet you plan to make
  • Five chocolate candies (preferably, those that are round-shaped)
  • Corrugated flower paper of dark-green, white and light-green color
  • Adhesive tape of green color
  • Special floristic firm wire (if you don’t have the one, you can use any wire of the average thickness)
  • Dark threads
  • A ruler and scissors
  • Hot air gun (if you don’t have the one at hand, you can replace it with the Scotch tape)

Step 2: Prepare the Elements of the Composition

Take the floristic paper you have prepared and cut the elements of your composition. All in all, you will need 5 slips of paper that are 2 cm thick and 50 cm long. Having cut the long slips of paper, you should further cut five light-green 5cm*4cm rectangles, five white 2 cm*50 cm paper slips and two 2 cm*50 cm dark-green paper slips. You will use these elements to make five paper snowdrops.

Step 3: Attach the Candies to the Wire Sticks

Now, we have to attach the candies to the wire sticks. With this purpose, you have to cut 5 wire sticks of the same size and take 5 candies. Using the glue hot air gun, apply hot glue to one end of the sweetie paper and immediately insert the wire stick, wrapping the paper around it. Make sure the wire does not damage the candy itself. If you don’t have the glue hot air gun at hand, you can attach the candies to the wire sticks using Scotch tape or thin wire.

Step 4: Make the Central Part of the Flower

To make the central part of the flower, take the light-green slip of paper and engrail it with your fingers. Repeat the action with all the five elements you have prepared in the second step. After that, you should form the place for a candy inside the paper slip. To do that, just stretch the floristic paper in the direction from the centre to the ends of each piece. This is how you will form the required hollow.

Step 5: Make the Upper Part of the Snowdrop

Now, we may proceed making the upper part of the flower. Cut each paper slip of the white color into three equal parts. Fold each petal into two parts, marking the middle area of the paper slip and twist it about an axis in the place you have marked. Repeat the same action with other 14 petals. All in all, you will get 15 white snowdrop petals. Having done that, you will need to fold each petal into two halves once again, stretching each of them from the central part to the ends to give the petals the required shape.

Step 6: Make the Flowers

Take the light-green central part of the snowdrop and insert the candy with the wire stick inside it. Fix the elements with the Scotch tape or the thread. Attach the white petals around the centre of the flower just like it is shown in the picture and fix them to the wire stick using the thread.

Step 7: Form the Bouquet

Bend the wire sticks and attach the leaves to them. To make the leaves, divide the last two paper slips of the light-green color into 4 parts and cut the leaves. Then wrap the wire stick into the adhesive tape twice, inserting the leaves and fixing them with the help of glue.

Step 8: Enjoy the Candy Bouquet!

As soon as all the flowers are ready, you should bind them together using a cute ribbon. Do not forget to cut the ends so that all the flowers could be of the same length. Decorate the bouquet using the beads and attach it to the candy, cookies or tea box using the Scotch tape or glue. That’s it! Now you can enjoy the candy bouquet or surprise your loved one with its help!