Introduction: A Cute Shotgun Activated Robot Toy !

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"Shotgun Activated Robot Toy"

This is a new little simple robot that works with sound  signals or  light radiation.

as soon as it hears a noise, it runs and keeps walking until it hears another sound.

the light intensity or sound pressure to activate those sensors, are controllable by 2 variable resistors.

if there is not 2nd sound then it stops automatically after a while.

it comes with several Mechanical parts to run, and some electronic components for controlling the motor.

it works with only one Double A size battery.

having fun with soldering the electronics based on a schematic diagram.

the manual was in very detail and easy, all instructions were printed  step by step.

so i didn't have problem with it.

and this is what i finally got after putting all parts together. A round shaped Alien Style Robot !

then i thought it would be much fun to activate the robot using this Gun.

these bullets are small but they are making really crazy loud bang !

now you see.

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