Introduction: A Faster, Easier Way to Make Boxes

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In my other instructable on making boxes, techniques are used for more decorative boxes. Time constraints may prevent some from making them of course. So this instructable shows an easier method, which can be used for "utility" boxes, or boxes that don't necessarily have to look good. It's a good way to help organize just about anything.In the shop, in the house, the kitchen etc.

Step 1: Choose Cardboard From Existing Box.

You will want to have box cutter, craft utility knife, straight edge, ruler, tape measure, glue and clamps ready to use. Select the cardboard you want to use. Boxes can be obtained at most grocery stores, and other venues that receive lots of goods.

Step 2: Score All Lines With Tool

The lines can be scored with a fid, a bone scorer, the back side of your scissors, etc.

Step 3: Cut Blank on the Lines Indicated

The box blank is cut so that the edges and ends can be folded up to form the box.

Step 4: Glue As Indicated

The box is glued in this step. My clamps are ready as well as some glue blocks or pieces so that the cardboard isn't dented by the clamps.

Step 5: Box Is Done, Ready for Use.

Fill box with paint, or use for your intended purpose. This is a simple way to make boxes you may need. Just vary the dimensions to whatever size you need. Your blank will have to be large enough to lay out your fold lines, but you can always glue pieces on as needed.

Step 6: Examples of Other Boxes

These pictures show other boxes made for various purposes. I like to organize things, and even label boxes to be able to find what I need at a glance. It has saved enormous amounts of time and frustration. Cman