Introduction: A Lil' Crocheted Bunny (Easy!)

It's gettin' close to bunny time isn't it?

I croshayed this lil' gal up by makin a square in the flat bobble stitch.

Step 1:

Is that enough images to publish?  :)

Step 2:

Here's the pattern:

Bobble Stitch:  {YO and insert hook in st, yo and draw a loop through, yo and draw through first 2 loops on hook} 3 times all in the same st, yo and draw a loop through all 4 loops on hook.
CH 24 leaving a long enough tail to stitch up the bottom and up through the back seam when you're done.

R1.  1 bobble in 4th ch from hook, ch1, *skip 1 ch, 1 bobble in next ch* repeat from *to* to end.  Turn.

R2.  Ch 3, *1 bobble in next 1ch sp between bobbles of previous row, ch 1; rep from *to* to end, working last bobble in top of turning chain, turn. 

Repeat R2 until you reach the length you'd like your bunny.

Fold it in half and sl st each chain together across the top.  Fasten off.

Make a pom pom for the tail and stitch to the back.
Stitch on eyes and a nose with whiskers.

Use the beginning chain tail to close off the bottom and the back seam.
Stuff the bunny before you close it entirely.  I always use the same color yarn if I can.

Use a length of contrasting yarn to tighten for a neck and tie in a bow.

Cut two pieces of fabric and fold in half for the ears.
Push in the corner of each side and stitch to attach the ears.

Yer done!

Lil' babes love them and you could also make them into a rattle.

For a rattle, I use a small plastic egg filled with plastic beads and then I tape it together to make sure it doesn't open.

Then I stuff it inside bunny. 

Happy bunny makin'!