Introduction: Revival of the Wood Pineapple Bowl

This gurl has OFFICIALLY DECLARED, hereby and forthwith--

(what's left of it anywayz)

There are some who declare Foxes, Anchors, Hedgehogs and such as 'THEIR' year--so why not a Pineapple?

Step 1:

You've seen them at the thrift gatherin' dust on the shelves of misfits.  You know the ones.  Fer cheap!

It never occurred to me that simply givin' 'em a coat of paint could TOTALLY change their life! 


Step 2:

First, I painted the inside of each bowl with gold leaf.

(This picture isn't a pineapple, but hey!  Leafy bowls are cool too!)

Step 3:

Then I used different colors of acrylic and painted just the top portion of each bowl with several coats. 

After each one was dry, I sprayed 'em with a coat of clear paint.

Step 4:

After the clear coat dried, I rubbed the base side with olive oil to restore the natural look of the wood.

Aren't they gorgeous--in that 'mid-century modern' way?