A Model Brain?

Introduction: A Model Brain?

After collecting the raw data (REC/PAR) from a routine MRI scan (just mention ‘science project’ and grin a nerdy grin - no self respecting lab-tech can say no!) I converted the slices to a more friendly format (HDR/IMG) and created this 3D volume by ordering the images into a stack. Converting all to binary allowed mesh identification and separation of the different parts of the brain. Exporting as a Wavefront or STL enables the model to be opened in CAD.

Now if only I had a 3D printer…….☺

I think theres something cool about an image which was generated by taking brain 'slices' being printed out in slices - haha albeit in plastic and not brains (although it would make studying easier!).

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    That sound cool! Have you considered using something live shapeways to print it?
    How difficult was the conversion from the raw data to the 3D model would you say?
    Also is there any possiblity of a download of the final 3D model?