Introduction: A More Compact Shaving Kit

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The first photo shows my razor, soap dish, shave brush, and lathering bowl as I have been using them. My wife is jealous of bathroom counter space. I got an idea and saved space by hanging most of these things above the lathering bowl. See the second photo. (The shave stand in the first photo is one I also made from steel rod. I made it before I found the yellow salsa bowl I use for a lathering bowl.)


  • 1/8 inch steel rod

Step 1: Support for the Brush

I am using some rod first used on another project. I am making do with what I have. The first photo shows how close the diameter of the brush is to 1 inch black iron pipe. The second photo shows rod in a vise with the pipe so the rod can be bent around the pipe. The third photo shows the support fitted to the brush.

Step 2: Welded Assembly

I used 1/2 inch rod to form a hanger for the razor handle in the same way I formed the support for the brush support.

Step 3: Weld Uprights to the Assembly in the Previous Step

I used a bevel square to determine the approximate angle for the uprights. I used magnetic angle holders to hold the rods in alignment for welding.
After welding each of the three upright pieces there was some bending to fit to the lathering bowl. Then I cut each to length as best I could. I ground the ends of each upright to sharpen each like a pencil, but with a dull rounded point. I decided to mark where each contacts the edge of the salsa bowl* made to serve as a lathering bowl and drilled a slightly oversize hole so the point of each upright can go into a hole about 3/16 inch.
To use, remove the razor and brush. Remove the fixture from the lathering bowl. Remove the soap dish from the lathering bowl. Lather and shave as normal. When finished, put the soap dish into the lathering bowl. Position the uprights in the edge holes in the lathering bowl. Hang the razor and the shave brush. See the second photo.

* A few months after I began shaving with a double edge razor I decided I wanted a lathering bowl, but I did not want to pay $20 or more. I found a salsa bowl on a close out shelf at a Wal-mart for less than a couple of dollars.