Introduction: A Multi Tool Cheap Alternative – Small Pouch From Trashed Inner Tube

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When you go for a ride, especially for a long one, it’s super important to have with you a multi tool in case you need to adjust your brakes, repair flats etc. Everybody knows that.

In my experience the situations that requires some basic tools are so common I would dare to say it’s rare to go for a big ride or a tour and come back without having used some Allen keys. Most cyclists have a small multi tool in their saddle bag that can solve the basic issues with the bike. I would recommend to buy one, but I have a cheaper solution that works beautifully and looks very nice. And maybe its more convinient as well as it can pack things that a multitool can’t, like patches and cable ties. Collect your spare Allen keys (if you have some IKEA furniture, look in your tool drawer, you most certainly have some), maybe a short screwdriver, patches, few cable ties and pack them into a nice little bag that you can always have in your saddle bag or even in your fanny pack. I will show you how to make a super neat one with just a trashed inner tube.

You can use this very functional design to make wallets, coin bags, pen bags etc

Step 1: Cut a Piece of Innnertube That’s As Long As Your Biggest Allen Key and 3-4 Cm Longer (for the Flap).

Step 2: Take a Needle and Some Thread and Sew One of the Sides.

Step 3: Turn the Inside Out.

Step 4: Using a Pair of Scissors, Cut Out the Flap Part of Your Little Bag.

Step 5: Cut a Thin Strip of Inner Tube Twice As Long (minus 2 Cm)as the Length of Your Bag (without the Flap).

Step 6: Then Sew the One End of This Thin Inner Tube Piece on the Back of the Bag. Sew the Other End on the Flap. See the Final Image to Understand the Concept. This Thin Piece Must Cover Snugly the Whole Bag (but Not Too Much) to Keep It From Opening.

Step 7: If You Want, You Can Cut a Small Shape Out of an Old Credit Card and Hot Glue It on the Area Where You Sew the Thin Inner Tube Piece. It’s Just for Looks. It Covers the Sewing That Took Place Underneath It.

Step 8: It Should Look Like This:

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