Introduction: A Nice Box for a Theremin

Following the diy stuff for music saga it was time to build another box, this time for my theremaniacs theremin kit.

I had the theremin in a very ugly wood box and always wanted to give it a better home. after doing the cajon on my last instructable I had some steam left, and scrap pieces for a new box so just waited for some free time and this is it.

Material list:

Two 3x9" pieces and two3x4" pieces, 1/2" thick, tzalam wood.

Two 8x3 1/2" pieces of mahogany plywood 1/4" thick for the top and bottom

A scrap piece of ebony + maple venner for splines

8 #6 1/2" socket cap screws to fasten the top and bottom wood(I think that's the ones I used but not sure, already had some around)

4 rubber feet + screws

Tools list:

Table saw

Band saw

Router table

Drill press

Miter jig for the table saw

Spline jig for the table saw


1/8" tap

Step 1: Wood Pieces

I had like half length of tzalam wood from another proyect, it was more like fire wood but managed to rescue enough of it for this box, also some mahogany plywood for the top and bottom covers. A bit of time at the table saw and all the parts for the box were ready.

Step 2: Miter Joints, Rabbets and Gluing

I have a diy jig to cut miter joints at the table saw so 8 cuts later the sides were ready.

Then it was time to go to the router table to add a rabbet to the sides, that's where the top and bottom covers fit. After a dry fit test the pieces were ready to glue.

Used a long strip of blue masking tape to hold the pieces in place, added the glue and squared all, after a couple of hours there was a box shape ready for the next steps.

Step 3: Feather Spline

It was time to reinforce the sides of the box with a feather spline, I did it mostly to give the box nice accents!

Another diy jig, this time to make the spline cuts at the table saw, 8 cuts later the sides were ready for the splines.

I had some ebony leftover from a guitar headstock I made a couple of years ago and some maple veneer, glued both together and then cut small pieces at the band saw, the leftover wood piece was small so I had to be a bit creative to get the 8 splines needed.

then sanded each piece to give it a good fit and glued all the splines. Once the splines were glued I cut some of it at the band saw to save time at the disc sander, a few minutes at the disc sander and the splines were ready and good looking :)

Step 4: Top and Bottom Covers

I used the disc sander to sand away the extra wood until the top and bottom pieces had a good fit, then used a 1/8" tap to make threads into the sides, as the tzalam wood is hard, it holds the fine threads pretty well.

Then it was time to add the rubber feet, those came for an old bass fx stompbox not with me any more so they were recycled into this box.

Step 5: Audio Jack Hole

The box at this point already had a thin layer of poly as I was finishing another proyect I went ahead and added the finish to this box too but forgot to take photos, sorry.

The theremin kit uses a 9 volts battery so the only access needed was for the audio socket output so I took the box to the drill press with a 3/4" forstner bit and drilled away just enough for the socket thread to have good clearance to take the nut, then drilled all the way thru with a 9mm bit.

Then I set the socket in place and all the parts of the theremin, the pcb, battery holder, antenna and sensitivity potentiometer.

Step 6: The New Box for the Theremin Is Done!

And this is it, I'm really pleased about how the box looks, and it gives the theremin a better look for sure.

I had a lot of fun making this box and tried some woodworking stuff for the first time, so it's a win win for me!

I hope you enjoyed the instructable and I'll be happy if it encourages someone to try making a nice box for their proyects.

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