Introduction: A Pair of LED Glasses With Outwards Facing LED Ring

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This is a pair of LED glasses I used the 24Xsk6812 side outwards facing ring and Blinkytape controller.

Step 1: Materials

2pc LED ring with 24 right-angle LEDs, outwards facing

1pc Blinkytape controller

2 pair 1.25mm pitch Molex PicoBlade-to-PicoBlade Cable type

Step 2: Tools

FDM 3d Printer

Solder iron

Step 3: Stl File

Step 4: Video

Step 5: How to Solder the Controller

How to solder the blinkytape controller

Step 6: How to Program the Controller

Program the controller with Pattern Paint

Program the controller with Arduino

Step 7: Review

Need to improve--

nose pad need to become a little wider to fit my flat nose :P

add cable holder in the glass bridge part for the connectors.

print the parts with 0.1~0.15 resolution instead use 0.2 low quality version and add support for it.

add 2 mounting holes on the left side temple to add the power management like battery and boost circuit.