Introduction: A Pair of Sandals From a Cardboard Box

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In this instructable, I show how to make a pair of cardboard sandals, using a rescued cardboard box.

Step 1: Mark Outlines on Box

Find a box or pieces of cardboard to trace the pattern onto. To make the pattern, use a pair of shoes or sandals that you have. Eight "soles" are needed, and two each of the top and bottom straps are cut out. The patterns for the straps were drawn free hand, then cut out and fit onto the sole to see if any adjusments were needed. If so, redraw and recut.

Step 2: Cut All Pieces Out

I use the bandsaw for this step, but it can be done with scissors or craft knives.

Step 3: One Piece of Sole Is Cut for Straps

See picture to see how space is made for straps. This layer will be second from the top, i.e., will have one complete sole covering it for strength.

Step 4: Glue All Pieces Together

All pieces for one sandal are glued at one time. Use a fair amount of glue, but don't overdo it. These pieces can be weighted and left overnight. The longer the cure time, the better.

Step 5: Add Decorative Hem Made of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper from a grocery bag is used for the hems. I cut the strips about 1 and 1/4 inch wide. See pictures for complete details.

Step 6: Make Fasteners for the Straps

To keep the sandals on, velcro is used to assure closure. In one picture, you can see where I had sewn these pieces on. That's a good idea for strength, but decided to just glue them on using the glue on type of velcro.

Step 7: The Completed Sandals

Sandals completed.

Step 8: What's This? a Pair of Feet for the Sandals!

Cut from cardstock.

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