Introduction: A Park With Tinkercad Code Blocks

Hi everybody! Today I have made a park/neighborhood thing! It's my first attempt at Tinkercad Code Blocks, so this required a lot of going back and revising when things didn't work out. (Which was a lot :P)

Hope you enjoy and make this!


-tinkercad code blocks

*You should definitely click on the pictures to make sure you get the whole code, because some of them don't show up completely. Have fun!

Step 1: The House

So, first you will want to drag out an add box block. The only moving needed is to move the box up 10...spaces? Millimeters? I don't know, ten spots! Haha :P

So, you move it up ten spaces on the z axis, and then you will want to add a roof block. You'll need to move this one up 25 spots on the z axis, because it needs to go on top of the house.

*You can always change whatever colors you want.

Step 2: The Other Buildings

I decided to do these in a different step than the last one because these require x axis and y axis moving as well as z axis movement. You will need to add a box and resize it and move it according to the picture. For the second one, add a box and resize it and move it appropriately. Then add a cylinder and resize it and move it to be on top of the green building. You don't have to do this, but I thought it looked cool to differentiate this building from the rest of the buildings. You can even make it a different color. Lastly, add one more box and resize it and move it. We will do more work on this box in the next step.

Step 3: Decorations

This step is totally optional, but I wanted all the buildings to look a little bit different! I know the star is not at all aligned or anything, so you can fix it if you want. Now there should be 4 buildings! Good job so far!!!

Step 4: The Trees

So, in this step I made 3 tree trunks to go along the left edge of the buildings. You can make them different dimensions or shades or whatever. In a later step, I made the tops of the trees.

Step 5: The Trees Pt. 2

I added the trees behind the buildings in this step. Again, you can use this exactly or make them different. Also, again, the tops of the trees will come later.

Step 6: The Trees Pt. 3

Blah, blah, blah! You know what to do! The tree tops are next!

Step 7: The Tree Tops

Just as everything else, you can change the shape or color of the tree tops! Also, if you look closely at all the numbers for the trees and tree tops, there is a pattern. Ooooo, patterns! Hehe 😛

Step 8: The Ground

Last step! I thought it would be nice to have a ground and some decorations. The ball is suppose to be a rubber ball, and the ring a hula hoop. You could add more if you want.

Step 9: Thanks!

Thank you SO much for reading! Please vote for me in the Code Blocks contest!

Thanks again 😃

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