Introduction: A Pool Story: Green to Clean

A story that starts between a rock and a hard place that starts in a greener pasture but leads to a tranquil blue.

Step 1: The Discovery

I was asked by a friend to care for his pool as he was visiting relatives. Upon my arrival, this is what I found. The cleaning machine had sucked up a rock which made the device quit cleaning the pool.

Step 2: The First Attempt

I brushed the sides and floor of the pool to break the algae up so that the cleaning machine could do its job.

Step 3: Too Late for the Machine to Work Properly

The cleaning machine attempted to do its job but the algae was so bad that it took over the pool

Step 4: Greener Than Grass

The pool had become so green that the grass was jealous.

Step 5: Pool Medication Step 1

After testing the pool water, I was began the cure process. I used a product that was called Clear Blue.

1. Unplug cleaning machine, Back Wash & Rinse. (Keep cleaning machine unplugged, up to the end
of the process).

2. Clear Blue - Add to the weir and let the pump run on circulate / bypass for 2 hours

Step 6: Settled Algae

3. Switch off pump for at least 12 hours.

4. Vacuum everything that dropped to the bottom out to waste.

Step 7: Pool Medication: Step 2

5. Topup the water level.

6. Add the Black Out & Peroxide at the weir.
7. Leave the pump to run for 12-24 Hours.

WAY COOL stuff happens now.... watch how the circulated water swirls a bubbly milkiness

Step 8: Pool Medication: Step 3

8. The green should be gone, if it is still milky at this time, add a


Step 9: Green Be Gone... Hello Crystal Clear Pool

9. Once the milky / cloudyness is gone, the cleaning machine can be re-introduced to the pool.

Gotta say that I hope this NEVER happens to a pool I was entrusted to watch while the owners are enjoying their family time!!

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