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Hey guys !!! This is my 2nd instructable.
This is a play knife which we used to play in the 7th grade.
This is like one of those "mugger" knives, just press one button and SWISH... the blade pops out !!!!!
( By the way plz tell me how my "evil-robot-thingy" (profile) pic is, cuz I drew it myself!!!!!) 

Step 1: Materials:

1) TWO ice lolly sticks.
2) TWO rubber bands.
3) A normal matchstick.
4) A pair of scissors.
5) Your hands.

Step 2: Making the Blade 'n' Body of the Knife:

As shown in the pics, cut approx. 1.5 cm from the end of ONLY ONE lolly stick. (part no. 3 in the pic). DON'T throw it away.
Cut diagonally on the other end of the lolly stick as shown in the pic.
Throw away the part with the "X" drawn on it.

Step 3: Attaching the Blade to the Body:

As shown in the pic., place part no. 1 (the blade) over part no. 2 (the body). Make sure that 1 overlaps 2 by at least 1 - 1.5 inches approx.
Wrap a rubber band around both parts 2 -3 times (till it becomes moderately tight)
Don't tie the band around too tight or else the band will break while functioning the knife.

Step 4: The Auto-open Button:

This is a teeny-weeny bit tricky. 
The mechanism works sort of like a clothespin. when you press it, it opens up, leave it and it smacks back down.
first line up part no. 3 up with part no. 2's end as shown in the pic.
Wrap a rubber band round the STRAIGHT end not the CURVED end.
insert the matchstick between part no.2 & 3 horizontally, so that when you look at it from the side it sort of look like a clothespin. 

Step 5: SHOWTIME!!! :

Now for the "opening" ceremony!
It's really easy to operate.
1) Turn the blade in any direction left or right.
2) Press and hold the auto-open button.
3) Slide the blade under the button.
4) Let go of the button so that it traps the blade as shown in the pic.
5) Go over to a friend and hold the knife FAR AWAY FROM HIM.
6) Press the button and say " hand me your wallet, ya sea-biscuit!! 
7) When he looks bewildered say "Relax dude just joking!!!"

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