Introduction: A SKATEBOARD

A skateboard which is belongs to Conan Edogawa.

Step 1: Making the Bottom Plate

Select two cubes in the shape generator to adjust to 45*20*1 and 5*20*1,

Select the round roof to rotate 90 degrees, adjust the radius to 10, the thickness is 1, copy this semicircle and rotate them

Step 2: Making a Non-slip Mat

Copy the left half of Figure 2 (yellow part), scale down to be 0.2 higher than the bottom plate

Combine the left half of the parts

Step 3: Single Tilt

Rotate the right half of the assembly vertically by 17° and combine all parts

Step 4: Made a Decoration

Place a rectangular parallelepiped as shown in Figure 4-1.

The components in Figure 3-2 are copied to be hollow, and the components in Figure 4-1 are placed as shown in Figure 4-2.

Copy a part of Figure 4-1 and place the parts obtained in Figure 4-2 as hollow as shown. Figure 4-4 Combine the components in Figure 4-3 to get 4-4

Copy the 4-4 graphic, as shown in Figure 4-5. Place a hollow cylinder and a hollow cube.

Combine 4-5 parts to get 4-6

Place 4-6 parts in hollow and 4-4 as shown and combine

Place a hollow cylinder on 4-7, the cylinder does not pass through the part

Combine 4-8 to get a round hole in 4-9

Select a sphere with a hollow cube as shown

Combine 4-10 to get 4-11

Align and combine the 4-11 and 4-9 round holes to get 4-12

Combine 4-12 with 3-2 to get 4-13

Step 5: Wheel

Choose a ring

Stretch the ring up to get 5-2 (the color is adjusted to black below)

Copy and paste 5-2 Choose a cylinder Select two multipoint cylinders in the shape generator

Combine the components in 5-3 to get 5-4

Select a meta capsule in the shape generator

Align 5-5 with 5-4 and combine to get 5-6

Choose a hexagonal body and a cylinder as shown in the figure to get 5-7

Align and combine 5-7 and 5-6 parts to get 5-8

Step 6: Wheel Set

Choose a cube length and width 4:3

Place four orange cylinders on the 6-1 squares (not tangent) Place four hollow columns respectively tangent to adjacent two cylinders (up and down and left and right symmetry)

Combine the hollow body of 6-2 with the red part (without the orange cylinder) to get 6-3

Place four hollow bodies to cut off the red part of the orange cylinder

Combine all the components in 6-4 to get 6-5

Choose a hexagonal body and a cylinder combination as shown

Copy 6-6 parts into four, align with 6-5 and combine to get 6-7

Place a cylinder in the center of the 6-7 assembly and combine to get 6-8

Combine 6-8 with 5-8 to get 6-9

Step 7: Finished Product Combination

Copy 6-9 vertically after copying

Combine with 4-13 to get 7-2 finished product

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