Introduction: A Simple Mug Holder Will Just Not Do.​

A coaster is simple yet effective and is fit for its job.

However why stop at simple, this instructable is showing the creation of the Sofa Mug Holder.

Please take a look at my instructable and let me know what you think.

Its good to mention at this point that i had already made this cup holder prior to this contest being released.

Step 1: Hunny I Shrunk That Chair

First step was to take the existing chair down to the correct size to fit my mug and onto my desk.

The CAD DATA was created, it just needed modifying to accept the sugar and the mechanism to dispense the correct amount of sugar.

This design for the sugar dispenser is using a tension spring and a slide unit disguised as the table build into the sofa. I conducted a experiment so the dispenser allows just enough sugar to gather in the chamber that if correct or me.

After the unit was designed next step was to print all the parts needed.

Step 2: And a Sofa Was Born

I printed the parts over a number of nights on a self built 3D printer that i have at home.

The parts took a number of hours to print and needed sanding after to achieve a finish that i was happy with and so the parts all moving parts had enough clearance between them.

I assembled the parts together for a test run and success the sugar dispensed.

Next step was to spray the sofa and add a leather pad for the cup to sit on.

Step 3: Final Product.`

Now the Sofa unit is complete it sits on my desk and used daily.

Thanks for reading.

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