Introduction: Larry_Lampson

Everybody meet Larry. Originally a real of plastic, Larry was born pushed through the nozzle of a self built 3D printer.

Larry's limbs can be moved and set in ways to bring out different personalities, shapes and movements.

When Larry's tired he can sit. When Larry is lazy he can crawl. Larry can even stand tall.

Larry's head comes in a bold black hat with rose gold trim. Adjustable stem it gives full control of light direction.

Larry's limbs can be printed in a wide range of material finishes making each one unique to his brothers. He can also come in different sizes.

Read on to see the construction of Larry.

Step 1: Larry on Screen

This is the process it took to make Larry, looking at some 3D Design, 3D printing, and electrical work.

First part of any design work is to design the product. This initial stages was 3D CAD design. The software i use is Solidworks. The models are highly simple to create using a series of extrudes and cuts. The main design considerations are the tolerances in the 3D print and how much clearance to leave between parts.

From experience of 3D printing i have left 0.2mm clearance either side of the mating parts.

Please see images above of the step by step stages of two parts.

To download the models to the scale i have made please follow the link. Even better, have a go at modeling the parts yourself.

Step 2: Larry's Birth

This stage is a big day for Larry. It was when he was born.

Starting off as a reel of filament that was heated to 210 degrees then pushed with motors through a tiny hole measuring only 0.4mm in diameter. Building each layer up creating each section of Larry.

The 3D printer was build by me and over a duration of time i have added improvements and built a enclosure to house it. If anyone has any questions about 3D printing i will try my best to answer them.

Please see the video below that shows Larry being born.

Print time:

Step 3: Building Larry

Larry's construction is as easy as the 3D modeling. His limbs are held together with a number of screws and wing nuts, that when tightened hold the limbs in position.

For the assembly we will need:

5x M5 cap head screws

5x M5 wing nuts

Hot glue gun

1x standard off the shelf angled lamp.

Optional - decorative wire.

Position all the parts in assembly order (see images for reference) and simply attach using the screws and wing nuts.

For added security hot glue the stem of the lamp to avoid it becoming loose.

Fasten the wire of the lamp to the rear of the neck of Larry.

Step 4: Let Larry Light Up Your World

Finally position Larry how you like by adjusting the wing nuts to different tensions.


Thank you for your time.

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