Easy Teabag Hook




Introduction: Easy Teabag Hook

You want to make a gallon (or more) of tea, but those tea bag strings are too short to hang over the edge of your pitcher.  No worries.  Go ahead and start heating the water.  This instructable will fix you up before the kettle starts whistling!

Step 1: Materials

To make your tea bag holder, you will need a bendable straw and a pair of scissors (the kind that are sharp at the tip).

Step 2: Bend the Straw

Bend the straw (as if you hadn't already) until both ends are pointing in the same direction.

Step 3: Cut the Slits

Starting about an inch above the bottom (long) end of the straw, make a diagonal cut on the side of the straw.  Make sure to cut no deeper than the "center line" of the straw.  Repeat the cut at one-inch intervals another two or three times.

Step 4: Hook the Bags

Now, just take the tea bag strings and hook them through one of the slots.  Hang the hooked end of straw over the edge of your pitcher and pour in the hot water!

Step 5: All Finished?

Not at all!  Dispose of the tea bags, rinse the straw off, and put it away for the next time.  Enjoy your tea!

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    This is a neat idea! I usually either tug the strings off the bags and then fish them out later with a pasta utensil or tie them around a chopstick, but this idea is definitely a great one!


    11 years ago on Step 5

    My goodness! What a simple and elegant solution to a problem that I've been fighting for years! We have the exact blue pitcher with the white lid. I usually just hold the strings over the edge of the pitcher and put the lid on but when my hubby lifts the lid to see whether the tea was ready, he invariably ignores the strings and lets it all flop into the tea. ARG! Even if he ignores the straw, it won't slip in unless he picks up the straw and drops it in. At which point I'll smack him in the head.

    Thanks for this 'ible!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I agree with you: elegantly simple, clever and very useful! Thanks, seairth, for the well done 'ible and pix!


    12 years ago on Step 5

    really clever. do the teabags ever fall off?


    Reply 12 years ago on Step 5

    Not yet, though I suppose they could. If anything would cause this, I think it would be when too many bags are hooked in the same slit.