Introduction: A Sneak Peek at What Is Next

About: Hi. My name is Caleb. I am a guy who likes to make things. My all time favorite thing to do is blacksmithing, and knife making. I also enjoy wood working, beekeeping. I like making things the old fashion way. …

Hi every one, it is me Caleb again. Sorry it have been so long but I have been working on some awesome stuff. I mean really AWESOME! And this is a sneak peek of one of my projects that I will be publishing some time soon.

So I have made a trebuchet and catapults, and all of them have been small. So I had this old base from a trebuchet gone wrong, a bunch of scrap steel, some 2X4s and I am now building this thing.

In shape it could qualify as a ballista but in theory it is not. It is more like a giant sling shot, that is just really powerful. Because it uses rubber tubing instead of tension provided by a bow.

So here are some Pictures and thoughts and once it is 110% done I will be posting a full instructable on it.

I hope you enjoy it, and I love to hear from you guys! All of your support, views and likes have been amazing.

Also If any one wants to keep of on what I am working on, making, or planing on making, you can find me at the link in the end here.

Step 1: Pictures

So here are some pictures. I think I am going to paint it black and gold with some hand forged steel accessorys. If you have any questions ask away. I will answer as best as I can.

As always thank you for looking I hope you like what you see.