Introduction: A Switch With Makey Makey That Says Who Is at the Door.


4 pieces of cardboard to fold in 1/2


4 rubber bands

Paper to make labels

1/8" audio cable to run from laptop to speaker in office.

Step 1: Fold Cardboard in Order to Make a Switch.

I cutout square pieces from a shipping box and folded them in 1/2.

Step 2: Tape 1 Piece of Foil to the Top & 1 to the Bottom.

After we connect alligator clips to the top & bottom, touching the top & bottom foil will complete the circuit.

Step 3: Place a Rubber Band Around the Folded Cardboard Toward the Back for Support

This will keep the switch tightly constructed.

Step 4: Label Each Switch to Your Liking.

Step 5: Connect Alligator Clips to Your Switches and Makey Makey

Attach 1 alligator clip to 1 side for the command and the other side for the ground. When you press the switches together it will compete the circuit and make the sound. I you don't have enough alligator clips you can use any conductive wire as shown above.

Step 6: Create Your Sound in Scratch for Each Switch.

Drag 4 "When ____ is pressed" from from events and adjust the ____ to which part of Makey Makey you choose to use.

Drag 4 "Play Sound _____ Until Done" to right under the event.

Step 7: ​Attach Makey Makey to Laptop (if Not Already Done) and Tape to Wall

Step 8: Run 1/8" Audio Cable (with Adapter If Needed) to Speaker in Other Room

You can also use bluetooth if the signal will reach as far as you need.