Introduction: A Tasty Gluten-free Lunch With Little Millet

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Little Millet also known as Small Millet (Panicum sumatrense), is a species of millet commonly cultivated in southern parts of India. It is very small in size, light yellow in color and gluten free. it also contains lots of nutrients like zinc, magnesium, vitamins, potassium, folic acid, iron, and calcium.

Here is a simple recipe to make a tasty gluten-free lunch with Little millet.

Step 1: Ingredients

Ingredients I have used

  • Little Millet or small millet grains about 250 grams
  • Carrots 150 grams
  • French beans 150 grams
  • Legume 150 grams (this is one variety of legume grown in our area)
  • Green chilies medium sized about three numbers
  • Onions medium sized two numbers
  • Garlic cloves three numbers
  • Tomato one number
  • Coriander leaves a small bunch
  • Rice bran oil about two table spoons
  • Salt to taste (I have used crystal salt)

You can add any other vegetables to your liking and to your own taste

Step 2: Cooking Little Millet

  • wash and clean the Little millet grains
  • Add about four time the volume of water to the grains
  • Boil in medium heat for about 8 to 10 minutes. Stir well while cooking.
  • Add salt to taste to the boiling grains
  • Check to see the millet is well cooked and remove from heat
  • Drain out excess water and keep separately.

Step 3: Cooking the Vegetables

  • Clean and dice the carrots to small pieces
  • Clean and dice the french beans to half inch long pieces
  • Remove the pods from legume and collect the raw seeds. The pods are not edible.
  • Boil the vegetables in medium heat for about 8 to 10 minutes
  • Remove from heat
  • Drain out the water and discard

Step 4: Sautéing

  • Dice Onion, Tomato, garlic cloves, green chilies and coriander leaves
  • Heat about two tablespoons of rice bran oil in a frying pan
  • Add diced onions, green chilies and garlic to the heated oil and stir well
  • Add diced tomatoes
  • Add boiled vegetables and sauté.

Step 5: Final Touch

  • Add cooked little millet to the vegetables in the frying pan
  • Add diced coriander leaves
  • Mix well and remove from heat
  • Serve hot. Serves three to four persons
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