Introduction: A Tiny Toothbrush for Those Nooks and Crannies

I have more than a few oddly situated teeth, so there are plenty of sheltered harbours and caves along the perimeter of my teeth. Intelligence reports that the microbial community of my mouth like to throw massive 1920s style parties every other day, at which they gather in said harbours and caves together with their close friends, the Remnants of Victuals and the Calcium of Saliva, to excrete acids to their hearts' content. Acids that slowly erode my teeth and give me the dreaded dental caries.

Since ordinary toothbrushes have no chance of reaching these spaces, I decided to save myself a Euro or two by making myself a toothbrush that can. I can't claim to have done wonders with it, but the virtually zero-cost mini-brushes in the picture have certainly made a difference in increasing the surface area of any tooth that I can reach.

Since someone out there might be having the same dental worries I do, I thought I would share this neat, low-cost, made-in-no-time toothbrush with you. Happy making!

Step 1: Materials Required

I suppose the picture is self-explanatory. You will need sharp scissors, a hairclip such as the black one here, enough thread and appropriate bristles (I will be pulling them out of this toothbrush).

Oh, and a tad bit of patience. Onward to the first step!

Step 2: Gathering Bristles

I pulled them out of a toothbrush of my preferred strength.

Step 3: Bundling Bristles Up

Fold each individual bristle in to two (easy enough to do if you just pulled them out of a brush, since they will already be folded in half) and bundle them at the point of folding between two fingers. (Photo 3)

Continue adding more bristles to the bundle as per desires, taking care to make even bundles. I made two such bundles and then bundled them together in a bigger one. (Photo 4)

Using the string, tightly bind the bristles together, and where applicable, bind the bundles together too. (Photos 1 & 2)

Now you just have to stick the bundle in the hair pin!

Step 4: Yippeeeee!

Slide the bundle of bristles through the pin right to the U-shaped end of it. Ensure there is a tight fit, and if not, squeeze the pin at the end with pliers to bring one about. When the bundle is steadily in placed, wind thread over it and the pin, binding them together as seen in the photo. Tie several tight knots when bound tightly enough.

Once the binding is secure, simply cut the pointy end of the bristles in to an even row (or whatever shape tickles your fancy) et voilà! Your little toothbrush is ready for use. Wage war on that tartar and plaque, warrior!