Introduction: A Vintage Copper Photo

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One of my best friend's Birthday was approaching....My gang didn't like to gift him a bought item from the store. We wanted to gift him something cool which could be crafted by our own hands and looks like a vintage piece forever. So we came up with this one. We etched his face on a Printed Circuit Board .

The sole reason for calling this photo as a vintage piece is that this gift could last for generations if kept at as show piece.

Step 1: Materials Required

>>A Good Photo which is to be etched

>>Laser Printer and Glossy paper (or Magazine Paper)

>>A Copper Cladding Board

>>Ironing Box

>>Sand Paper

>>Ferric Chloride Solution and a Plastic container to etch

>>Soldering gun, lead and flux

>>Gum or fevi-stick

Step 2: Step 1: Photo Editing

The foremost step in this process is to find a good photo bearing a face.

Next, convert it into a black and white sketched picture using photoshop or android apps such as SketchGuru or Picsart from Playstore.

I used SketchGuru to achieve the result.

Then convert the picture into a Grey-scale one using any of the above apps.

Step 3: Step 2: Printing and Ironing

Print the image on a Glossy paper or a Magazine paper through a LASER Printer.

Iron the image on a suitable Copper Cladding Board until the image sticks on it.

Step 4: Step 3: Etching Process

Rub the copper cladding board with a sand paper until it shines. This is done to simply remove the oxidized layer of copper as it might disturb the etching process.

Now, simply etch the image using Toner ink transfer method.

If you don't know how to do it, then you can simply refer the below instructable by TechShopJim

Step 5: Step 4: Leading the Face

Take an another printout of the photo and cut out the negative of the face.

Paste the negatives on the PCB and apply a layer of flux all over the visible area.

Take a heated soldering gun with lead at its tip and spread it all along the face so that it may be highlighted.

Step 6: Step 5: the Finished Art

After cutting the borders of the photo , the final piece of ART may look like the photos shown above.

The Gift is ready to be presented.

Tips: A PCB with green or grey color background may result in an even more epic piece.

The cool guy in the Photo is Shrenik

The guy who helped do this instructable is Shrisha

Thanks a lot for viewing :-D

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