Introduction: A Web Page for Optimum StereoGraphic Viewing

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Don't strain your eyes to view StereoGraphic Images. Adjust the images.

Step 1:

Down load "StereoViewer.html" and "1.jpg" on to your desktop.

Step 2:

Open "StereoViewer.html" file and enable JavaScript.

Step 3:

With JavaScript enabled, you should get this. Refresh the webpage if needed.

Step 4:

Change scale_percentage to 70 and hit {Load And Scale}.
Adjust the scale for what is most relaxing.

Step 5:

There are two different types of StereoGraphic images.
Down load "Wedding_Rice_P.jpg" and "Wedding_Rice_C.jpg".

Step 6:

Type or Cut and paste "Wedding_Rice_P.jpg" into the text area and Hit {Load And Scale}.

Step 7:

Either "Wedding_Rice_P.jpg" or "Wedding_Rice_C.jpg" will produce the best 3D effect.

For "Wedding_Rice_P.jpg", your eyes are most relaxed looking out in parallel. For "Wedding_Rice_C.jpg", your eyes are most relaxed looking out crossed eyed. In this case the two images have been swapped.

All the other files can be downloaded as a zip file.