Introduction: A Wonderful Decor Idea

About: Hi guys I am a Indian and I make crafts and cooking instructables

As a Indian I have made a beautiful decor hope you like it!!!


Coloured paper
Golden sheet or yellow sheet
Thin strips of coloured paper
Designed card board
Red card board

Step 1: Roll Up

Roll up paper into straws like so

Step 2: Hashtaging

Arrange the paper sticks like shown in the picture and stick them with glue

Step 3: Make Some Diy

Take your designed cardboard paper and cut it in semi-circle and then make a eyeshaped cutout and stick it as shown in the picture... You can also search on Google for diya...

Step 4: Deco Time

Now you have to take your coloured paper and do fan folds and make it like so ...and repeat the eyeshaped cutout on this also you have to make 4 of them and stick them accordingly as per your choice

Step 5: Repeat

Now you are done with the upper part now lower part
First attach the strips on the ends and attach small diyas..

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