Introduction: A All in One Mathematics Notebook

                                Hi guys i am student using calculations of bigger digits , but these  are not solved without using the calculators. every time when take up my classes i used forget the calculator . so i came up with the idea of a notebook with in-build calculator.

Step 1: Materials Required

The materials used for this projects are found in your house easily

- A Notebook
- A calculator(small)
- A Pencil
- A cutter
- A Glue
- A Scale

Step 2: Select a Right Place and Cut

                                         just take the notebook and find a right place for your calculator, and one thing in mind choose the calculator of small in size.then place it in the notebook and draw the outline of the calculator. then cut the page using a cutter.and at last it looks some what like this.

Step 3: Sorting Out the Corrections

              Every time we used to cut we come up with bad finish , so take the file(hand tool) and heat it a little bit and file the sides and the edges of the paper.

Step 4: And It All Comes to an End....

                       The last step is very simple after filing the sides and edges to a correct shape place the calculator by attaching it to the last page or the cover which should not be cut. and that's all the work  is done and the notebook is ready to be used. thank you and good bye.

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