Introduction: A Bee-utiful Bee Box for a Hive

Step 1:

We went to the Habitat for Humanity restore and bought an old drawer for $5.00, and two recycled paint cans for $.99 each.

Step 2:

We then removed the hardware and front face of the drawer.

Step 3:

Ben passed the box through the table saw for the front opening.

Step 4:

Trevor cut the top bars 1 3/8 inches thick, and the length was equal to the with of the drawer.

Step 5:

Trevor and Ben passed the box through the table saw, to make notches for the top bars to fit into.

Step 6:

Ben used a hand saw to cut out the top bar notches.

Step 7:

Next, we nailed and glued two surfaces of the top bar together and placed them within the notches of the box.

Step 8:

Step 9:

Ben made a base for the box using the front drawer piece we had taken off earlier.  Ben was sure to add a small ledge for the bees to land on.

Step 10:

Trevor and Ben used a hole saw to cut viewing windows in the side of the box.

Step 11:

I mixed our two paints for the perfect bee-attracting blue hue, and painted the box.

Step 12:

Trevor and Ben added Plexiglas to the inside of the viewing holes.

Step 13:

Trevor made the viewing door with a scrap piece of wood, and hinges previously purchased at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Ben hand turned the knob on the lathe especially for the bee box.

Step 14:

I added a few purple flowers and a "Welcome Home" sign for the bee entrance.

Step 15:

I made a lure of lemon balm, lavender blossoms, mint, catnip blossoms, agave nectar, and royal jelly.   I mashed the items together and placed it in the box.

Step 16:

Trevor made a lid out of a scrap piece of particle board and a piece of hardware previously purchased at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Step 17:

Lastly, we mounting the bee box on the back fence.

Step 18:

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