Introduction: A Kazoo From a Glass Bottle

Hey today we are gonna make a kazoo! The reason i decided to show this was because the kazoo is so under rated and to also spark ideas on what you might be able to make out of these few tools and supplies!! Lets get started!

Supplies Needed

Some very cold water
A lighter and candle
some metal or plastic caps
wax paper
super glue
hot glue

Tools Needed

drill with a drillbit set
glass scorer
electric sander

Hear it! 

Step 1: Scoring the Glass.

Okay so first we need to score the neck so we can take it off the bottle. The technique i used for scoring the neck is by putting the bottle in a corner and rotating it while holding the scorer firmly against the desired breaking point on the neck. Make sure you get a very good score on the neck to keep the break point from wandering. 
Please wear safety gloves and glasses while preforming this stunt.

Step 2: Breaking the Bottle.

STOP! before you go and whack the bottle on the ground how about you try a easier and safer method. If you've ever taken a hot glass or plate and tried to cool it down by putting nice cold water on it you probably have done this step on accident to an unlucky piece of table wear. This technique we'll be using is very easy and much safer than breaking the bottle on the pavement.

To do this we will use a lit candle and a tallish glass of icy saltwater (you dont have to have the salt but it does make it faster). Basically we are going to heat and cool the scored part of the bottle simultaneously until i breaks. So first take the bottle and rotate the scored neck above the flame for a minute or so then dunk the bottle neck first in the water making sure the heated part gets covered. then do it again if it didnt break at first......Heat, Cool, Crack, repeat until desired breakage.\

After breaking the piece off it will have a sharp edge make sure you sand that down with a sander or just some sand paper.
Just dont cut yourself. im looking at you emo kid >.>

Step 3: Prepping the End Cap.

Next we need to choose a cap and get it fitted and ready for Kazooing.
For me i actually chose a wheel like thing from an old cassette player instead of a cap because it had the cool steampunk look i wanted. After you choose the end cap for you baby you need to drill at least one hole for air to pass through. You also need to make sure it fits nice and snug so you can attach it with out gluing it to the bottle. If its not snug you can make a ring of glue around the end of the bottles neck until it fits well.
Now take the wax paper and trace a circle on it the size of the cap and cut it out. Once the paper is in the cap take a pen or something and make a hole in the wax paper through the cap so air can escape when you blow in it.

Step 4: Putting It All Together!

Now that we have taken the bottle and separated the neck using the elements of fire and water. then recycled an unused cap of some sort and cut a piece of wax paper the perfect size. We can now finish this baby and start rocking out!
Just take the cap with the wax paper in it and slide it on. After that you might want to play around with how much the cap is on the end this can change how the kazoo sounds.

Step 5: Now Rock Out!

Now GO! Put you lips on the open end and hum/blow like if it was a kazoo you bought. This instrument will not only entertain and impress your friends but i can also so attract as well as woo you some mighty fine lady friends too...or dude friends if your into that.
I like playing my ukulele or guitar and instead of singing the lyrics with a lame voice i hum the song with my kazoo.

I expect you to use this glorious instrument of triumph for good.

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