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Introduction: A Personalized Motorcycle Helmet

About: 18yo Electronic and mechanic student from FRANCE !!! Let's have fun and stay crazy

Last time i walked into a sellout, then i met an awsome helmet from the 90's mail post... What luck !

I exactly needed a bowl helmet for my moped, let's pimp it !

Step 1: Prepare Your Helmet

First after buying your old helmet on a street market (i bought mine for 5€), clean it with water, then remove possible traces of stickers with white spirit.

Then remember that when you paint with bombs, you have to paint first details, then cover then, to paint the global colour after.

So protect the parts you won't to be painted with stickers you cut with a scalpel, here i choose to put stars and stripes on my helmet, but the only limit of creativity is your imagination !

Step 2: Paint It !

After protecting the parts you won't to be paint, and don't forget to cover also the interior of the helmet, you are able to paint your helmet with bombs. I personnaly used acrylic bombs but others may work...

Paint it, take your time, you have to set a distance between your hand and the helmet of approximatelly 20-30 centimeters, not less otherwise the paint will flow into packets.

Two coats of paint are enough

Step 3: What Style !

Perfect ! You are now able to show off in your town driving your beautiful moped 80s

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    7 years ago

    Nice instructable, small point though, you really shouldn't purchase second hand helmets, as you don't o now their history. would work fine for new ones though.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes that's totally true and that's why I don't use it for my daily trips, it was just for fun but you're right, no joke with security ;)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It was funny and fast to do you're welcome ! ;)