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For the birthday of a beer lover friend, I had the idea to make a beer table pong, simple to carry, but ultra design (he loves LEDs!).

Here are some very simple steps my project, which took me a few afternoons to realize ... Enjoy!

Step 1: Prepare the Wooden Board

Start by cutting the board with your dimensions with a circular saw for example, then sand it with a sandpaper. There are official dimensions for the practice of beer pong, but I wanted something not too bulky.

Step 2: Still Some Cutting

Then mark with a pencil the locations of the future holes for the cups. Care should be taken to separate them sufficiently so that the top of the glasses do not touch each other. You can then cut the holes, I used a hole saw and a portable drill.

Finally, we must take care of leds.

Here's a tip: to have a visual light line, I used white LEDs that I slipped into blue straws. The light is thus guided to give a nice effect!

It is necessary then to dig a trench in the wood of the size of the straw, forgetting not to drill a small hole for the supply wires of the leds.

Step 3: A Little Electronics...

Here, simply connect the four leds in parallel, then add a resistance of 100 ohm in series at all (Ohm law: R = U / I where U is the voltage of my 9v battery, and I is the sum intensities of LEDs 20 mA each).

Be careful to connect the + together and the same for - on leds!

Finally solder a switch and a 9v battery socket.

Step 4: Still a Little Painting

Finally, start by painting coarse white paint the place where there will be white lines. The aim is then to cover these areas with paint tape and then paint on top with the gray paint. Once dry, simply remove the tape for an impeccable result, and voila!

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