Introduction: A Shelf With 1 Screw

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A simple shelf for a workshop

Step 1: Material

You need a long board for the back and short boards for the shelf

Mark the position for the short boards where ever you want

Step 2: Make Your First Cut

The height of the saw blade is 1/4 of the width of the long board

Step 3: Add a Spacer

and make your second cut.

The width of the spacer = the thickness of your short boards minus the thickness of your table saw blade

Step 4: Remove Material

make so many cuts you need

Step 5: Adjust the Tablesaw

The height of the blade should be the thickness of the long board

Step 6: Make a First Cut in the Shelf

You can calculate, where this cut is to make but it is not important. Somewhere near the centre is good.

Step 7: Make a Second Cut

Use a 2nd spacer

The width of this spacer = the width between two opposite cuts of the long board minus the thickness of your table saw blade

Step 8: Remove the Material Between the Cuts

Repeat this steps for any shelf.

Step 9: Put the Shelfs on the Long Board

use a mallet if necessary

Step 10: Drill a Hole

or 2, if you want.

Step 11: Screw It on the Wall

and fill it with stuff.

Step 12: Look at This Video

for all steps

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