Introduction: Simple ABB PLC Program- Academic Project

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This is simple project which aim to program using CoDesys software with Ladder Diagram(LD) language.And please notice that is not a tutorial project, share your knowledge and comment with me.

The project contains with these functions..,

Filling process

Capping Process

Label Process

Carrier Process

Releasing Process

Sample product


Above functions will be explained with next steps.

Step 1: Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Codesys Software

A programmable logic controller (PLC), or programmable controller is an industrial digital computer for the control of manufacturing processes, such as assembly lines, or robotic devices, or any activity that requires high reliability control and ease of programming and process fault diagnosis.

Codesys Software
CODESYS is a development environment for programming controller applications according to the international industrial standard.

Step 2: Inputs Addresses

The machine inputs..,

Start - START

Stop - STOP

Auto - AUTO

Manual - MANUAL

Position Sensor 1 - S1

Position Sensor 2 - S2

Position Sensor 3 - S3

Position Sensor 4 - S4

Position Sensor 5 - S5

Position Sensor 6 -S6

Position Sensor 7 - S7

Position Sensor 8 - S8

Position Sensor 9 - S9

Manual Conveyor Belt - MANUAL_CONVEYOR_BELT

Manual Filling - MANUAL_FILLING

Manual Capping - MANUAL_CAPPING

Manual Label - MANUAL_LABEL

Manual Carrier Arm - MANUAL_CARRIER_ARM

Manual Arm Forward - MANUAL_ARM_FORWARD

Manual Arm Reverse - MANUAL_ARM_REVERSE

Manual Arm Release - MANUAL_ARM_RELEASE

Sample - SAMPLE

Step 3: Output Addresses

The machine outputs..,

Conveyor Belt - CONVEYOR_BELT

Filling Arm Down - FILL_DOWN

Filling Process - FILL_FILLING

Filling Arm Up - CAP_UP

Capping Arm Down - CAP_DOWN

Capping process - CAP_CAPPING

Capping Arm Up - CAP_UP

Label Arm Down - LABEL_DOWN

Label Paste Process - LABEL_LABEL

Label Arm Up - LABEL_UP

Arm Forward - ARM_FORWARD

Arm Reverse - ARM_REVERSE

Machine process arm Down - MACHINE_CARRY_DOWN

Machine process arm Open - MACHINE_CARRY_OPEN

Machine process arm Close - MACHINE_CARRY_CLOSE

Machine process arm Up - MACHINE_CARRY_UP

Step 4: Conveyor Belt Process

When the machine is Auto mode,

When a bottle is seen in front of the sensor number 1 (S1), Conveyor Belt starts to rotates until Position Sensor 3 (S3).

sensor number 2 is used to set the packing process.

Step 5: Filling Process

When bottle comes to Position Sensor 3 (S3),Conveyor Belt is going to stop and Filling process will be started.

There are three steps..,

Arm moves down,three seconds.

Filling process,three seconds.

Arm moves up,three seconds.

I used three seconds for each cases with different timers.Totally nine seconds for filling process.

After complete the filling process,Conveyor belt will be started to rotate for next position that is Capping process.

Step 6: Capping Process

Position Sensor 4 (S4) is used to operate the Capping process.When sensor detected the bottle,Belt will be stopped and arm will be activated.

There are also three steps with different timings..,

Arm moves down,three seconds.

Capping process,two seconds.

Arm moves up,three seconds.

Step 7: Label Process

When bottle comes to Position Sensor 5 (S5),Conveyor Belt will get stop and Label process will get start.

This process has three steps..,

Arm moves down,two seconds.

Capping process,two seconds.

Arm moves up,two seconds.

Step 8: Carrier and Release Process

When bottle comes to Position Sensor 5 (S5),

Conveyor Belt will get stop and Carrier process will get start.

This process has four steps..,

Arm grip open for two seconds.

Arm moves down for three seconds.

Arm grip carry the bottle for two seconds.

Arm moves up for three seconds.

Next step is releasing the bottle.Arm moves to last position.There are two boxes those are packing and sample,arm has to choose right will be chosen according to the beginning conditions.Mentioned those conditions bellow.

If sample switch and Position Sensor 9 (S9) are activated,Arm will release the bottle at Sample box.

If Position Sensor 2 (S2) and Position Sensor 8 (S8) are activated arm will release the bottle at packing box.

After complete the process,Arm will start to move back until Position Sensor 7 (S7).Then setup will get reset for next bottle.

These three functions those are Carrier,Packing and Releasing are happening in same arm.For represent in visualization,I used separate polygons and memories for the program.

Step 9: Auto and Manual

The project available Auto mode and Manual Mode.Firstly the mode should be selected .Auto system works as usual.There are separate switches for Manual.

Step 10: Visualization and Representation

I represented machine status and system status using polygons.

Step 11: Conveyor Belt

When Conveyor belt is running,color is red.

Step 12: Filling,Capping and Label

Down arrows are represented,arms moving down.

Up arrows are represented,arms moving up.

Bellow parts are about Filling,Capping and Label visualization.

Step 13: Carrier and Release

Carrier :-

First part is represented about carry grip opening.

Down arrows are represented,arms moving down.

Up arrows are represented,arms moving up.

Bellow part is represented about carrying.

Release :-

Down arrows are represented,arms moving down.

Up arrows are represented,arms moving up.

Last part is represented about releasing.

Third part is represented about close the grip.

Arm Forward and Arm Reverse are represented by arm moving.

Step 14: Control Panel and Switch Board

There are Start,Stop,Sample,Auto,Manual in switch board.

Manual control panel has eight switches.

Step 15: Packing Box and Sample Box

Step 16: Finishing and Testing

Step 17: Codes and Testing Video

There is the video with simple visualization.