Introduction: AC to DC - Full-wave Rectification

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Hello everyone, here is the full-wave version of my AC to DC converter.
A few of you might have seen my Instructable a couple of days ago on how to convert AC to DC using half-wave rectification. Well, by adding just three more diodes (a total of four) you can full-wave rectify AC. Take a look.

Step 1: What You'll Need

The things you'll need are:

The stuff from the other Instructable.

Another three diodes, so now you should have a total of four diodes.

Step 2: Do It!

All you have to do now is wire it up! Simple!

Step 3: And of Course, a Physics Lesson

If you saw the last Instructable, you'll know how I like physics - a lot. So.

In this circuit, the diodes are called rectifiers. Even though AC changes direction so quickly, diodes only allow current to flow one way.
So when the current tries to flow the other way, in our circuit here the extra diodes get that backwards flow and direct it the same way as the other ones.
This results in a fluctuating waveform with the waves next to each other (pic. 1). That's where the capacitor comes in handy. It smoothes the waveform.
See my other Instructable on this.

If you get confused about waveforms and stuff, look at the second pic.

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