Introduction: AI Chatbot

There are a few different ways to make a hybrid , but with the way I have did it, the most important code fragments are: 1.) echo |2.) %text% |3.) >> v.vbs An example of a segment of code based on those three things would look like this:

echo Dim message,sapi %text% >> v.vbs

Of course, everyone knows what ECHO does. In this segment the echo doesn't do what it normally would in a batch file. Here ECHO marks the beginning of a vbs line and does nothing else. %text% copies everything that comes after ECHO and before the first %. >> v.vbs This is the most important part of making a batch\Vbs hybrid. This tells the batch file to create a vbs file named "V". Not only does it create and name the file but it also tells the %TEXT% where to put the line it copied. A setup like this will allow a batch file to create and fully code a vbs file all with the click of a button.

In order to access the portion of the code I created, at the start of the program you will need to put your name as hacker

Step 1: Batch to Vbs

This will show you how to make the chat bot seem intelligent.

This will allow the user of the program to make an input, it will tell the batch file to search for a specific response

the users input, and then respond with an automatic verbal response corresponding to what the user typed.

This part will show you the code used to make the verbal chat bot intelligent

SET /P %answ= set answ=%answ:?=%

if %answ%==who goto lop :lop echo Dim speech %text% >> bal.vbs echo message=("searching database") %text% >> bal.vbs echo Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice") %text% >> bal.vbs echo sapi.speak message %text% >> bal.vbs if %answ%==who goto poi


start bal.vbs goto atf


cls echo Dim speech %text% >> verbal.vbs echo message=("hacker two thirteen") %text% >> verbal.vbs echo Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice") %text% >> verbal.vbs echo sapi.speak message %text% >> verbal.vbs pause cls

goto r
:r start verbal.vbs

Step 2: