Introduction: ALONE

The dimension:

Ocean base width 7 x length 7.5 centimeters.

Ship width 1.5 x length 5.5 centimeters.

Pier width 1 x length 4.5 centimeters.

House width 2 x length 2 x height 5 centimeters.

Deck width 2 x length 4 centimeters.

Tower width1.5 x length 1.5 x height 3.5 centimeters.

Hello, In this project, I will make something different and thinking as I go along. Something small, so I come up with the small house in the ocean. The house with the overlooking view tower, it’s colorful with lot of colors, deck, pier, and sail ship. It easy to make, use basic materials such as paper, balsa wood and things around that you can find. The imagination will solve the problem. It fun to make and can be cool decoration as well. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do The Alone project.

1. Card board (not too hard), clear plastic sheet (or book cover), balsa wood, bamboo stem (or toothpick), small rocks, and tracing paper.

2. Wood glue, glue stick, two side tape, and acrylic colors (or any colors).

Step 1: Draw and Cut

First I draw the grid that 1 cm. apart, so I know how big is the project will be. Then draw the outline of the ocean base, pier, sail ship, house, and deck. Then I start with the outline of the house which is about W 2x L 2 x H 5 cm. and draw windows and door. I do the same to the tower W 1.5 x L 1.5 x H 3.5 cm. Next I use the cutter cut out the windows, door, and the outline, but make sure that don’t cut the connecting side, just cut a little, so it will fold easy. Now I color the house green, the tower purple (or it can be any colors) and windows light blue. Then cut balsa wood into small strips, just eyeball it. But make sure the length not more than the side of the house. Some piece maybe smaller or larger. Next use the wood glue to glue the balsa wood on the house and tower. You can do the random, or patterns if you want. For the roof for the house is W 4 x L 4 cm. the tower is W 2.5 x L 2.5 cm. and I cut small cardboard strips and glue on the roof. Now I attach the roof to the tower and the base of the tower to the house roof, and to the house.

Step 2: Make Ocean Base, Pier, Deck, and Sail Ship.

Then I cut the ocean base, glue to the cardboard and draw free hand outline of the base, it about W 7 x L 7.5 cm., then use the glue stick to attach the clear plastic on top. Now cut the base out. Now I make the pier, I lay the bamboo stem and start to glue balsa wood to the bamboo and also glue the bamboo on the side of the pier. Then make the deck do the same as the pier and some hand railing on the edge. Mosley just eyeballing it, no need to measure just cut it small pieces. That will do. Now try to place the rocks to check the right height, so I know the dimension to make the columns for the house and deck. Use the two side tape to attach the small rocks in place. Next attach the deck to the house. Then cut the bamboo (or toothpick) to make the columns and glue it under the house and the deck. Let it dry. Then free hand draw the sail ship, it’s about W 1.5 x L 5.5 cm. then sand the edge off with sand paper, attach the main mast, and for the mail sail I use tracing paper, now I glue the bamboo for the roof structure and cover with tracing paper for the roofing. (The bamboo stem have many sizes).

Step 3: Paint, Attach Items.

Then I start to paint the panel (exterior balsa wood) I paint random colors such as blue, green, yellow, and white. For the wood planks on the deck, pier, and on the floor of the sail ship, I paint different shade of brown (red brown, dark brown, light brown). The sail ship is white the stern is red. Now I glue the columns to the small rocks, use two side tape to attack the pier and the sail ship on the ocean base. Last I make the red ladder. That about it. It can display on the table or on the shelf in any room.

Thank you.

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