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This is a method to make a fridge and oven both at the same time...It can be used extensively...


Improvement of farmers life:

This can be used in villages in India that don not have access to refrigerators.They can store medicines and also left over food for preservation.Pesticides and insecticides and also seeds can be preserved by farmers.

Luxury for the poor:

It may also be used by poor people living in hot and humid regions by connecting the power supply to a solar one.

Helping the soldiers:

The heater can be used in places like Siachen in Kashmir where the army suffers from extreme cold weather conditions.They can use the fridge on the other side for storage of edible food items.

Helping the Bombay Heat Crisis:

This can also be used as a air conditioner with some modification.It will help people who cannot afford an air conditioner.People in Mumbai live in hot and humid clmate and most labourers cannot afford an air conditioner.This will help them get cheaper cooling.

By incorporating the thermostat the device will turn on and off accordingly and save electricity.

Step 1: Materials Required

1. a clip

2. a power supply


4.heat sink

Step 2: Attaching the Peltier

Attach the heat sink to both ends of the peltier as illustrated in the picture..

Step 3: Attaching Heatsink

Attach fans to both ends of the heat sink.Use bigger fan for the hot side.

Isolate the cold end and make them your fridge the hot end will act as a heater during winter....

Step 4: Attaching Fans

use a thermostat to control the temperature of both the cold end and the hot end

the thermostat will turn off once the temperature reaches its you will have to use two of them as there is a cold as well as hot side and you have to control the fridge as well as the room heater..

Step 5: Attaching Thermostat

Now attach a thermostat so that you can control the temperature of the fridge and the oven

The switch should function ont he principle of on/off depending on current intensity.

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