Introduction: AROMA - Spring Vitamin Salad From My Garden

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Hello fellow humans :)

Grow your own food , or at least grow some vegetables and aromatic herbs you can use fresh at your convenience and you do not have to go to the market. If you do not have a garden, aromatic herbs can grow in pots on a kitchen window or at the balcony.
I am growing some perennial aromatic l plants on organic base , using natural compost and nettle juice as fertilizer. Also I like to harvest wild edible plants from nature.

AROMA SPRING SALAD is healthy , full of vitamins, minerals and fibers. It will bust your immunity and give you energy for the day. It is low calories food , excellent for your digestion tract. You can eat it this salad as a single meal - or additionally with other food . This is not a recipe with measuring , but I am using one handful of herbs for a person.


lettuce ( from my neighbors garden :) )

red radishes

sunflower raw seeds

olive oil and green olives

red Himalayan salt

mayonnaise , fresh home made white cheese

and this aromatic herbs from my garden :

Chives - Allium tuberosum, green leaf onion that grows from clusters ,commonly calledChinese chives

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis ) few fresh leafs

Basil herb - hybrid plant mixed with mint variety

Oregano - Origanum vulgare –- fresh leafs

Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis - some leafs

Calendula - Calendula officinalis just a few petals for decoration

Dandelion flowers - a few petals for decoration to , because leafs are over grown for now and to bitter to eat.

Sage - (Salvia officinalis ) few leafs

Mint plant Mentha Piperita - few leafs

Wild garlic - (ramsons) Allium ursinum - that grows at this time of the year in the forests.

Step 1: Picking Herbs From the Garden

I go to my garden and cut some fresh leafs and flowers for the salad

Step 2: Wash , Chop , Cut and Mix

Step 3: More Choping , Mixing , Adding

Lettuce and radishes ... Raw sunflower seeds rich in nutrients , fresh cow cheese , olive oil and Himalayan red salt

Step 4: Dressing

I am using lemon juice but you can use Apple cider vinegar or special taste Italian Balsamico vinegar

After gentle mixing I am adding some mayonnaise and olives .

Some fresh petals from edible flowers are added for decoration this time - but they have their own qualities and healing properties..

Step 5: BON APETITE ! :)

AROMA SPRING SALAD should be eaten immediately after preparing due to quick oxidation of lettuce and other herbs exposed to lemon juice or vinegar.

Step 6: Serving - EATING :)